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Büşra Duran Gündüz


Büşra Duran Gündüz (or alternatively written as Busra Duran Gunduz)popularly known with her Instagram name hell0busra is a Turkish fashion, lifestyle and travel influencer, blogger and social media entrepreneur based in Dubai, UAE. Büşra Duran Gündüz has firmly secured her position as one of the top fashion and lifestyle influencers in MENAT region. Büşra Duran Gündüz has Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Selcuk University in Konya, Turkey. Büşra Duran Gündüz has been living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 2018 and born in 29th July 1993.

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Büşra Duran Gündüz Official Tiktok PageBüşra Duran Gündüz Official Tiktok Page